Escola Secundária de Vendas Novas

Our school, Escola Secundária de Vendas Novas, is a high school. It has around 1500 students and 150 teachers. We have general, vocacional and adult leaners. (http://www.aevn.pt/) Vendas Novas is a small town, not far from Lisbon, the capital, http://www.golisbon.com/ and Évora, an historic city, World Heritage site. (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/361). Our main aim is to give students a solid and diversified comprehensive training, including the scientific dimensions, but also in the cultural, artistic, literacy and education for citizenship. These assumptions will guarantee the promotion of educational success of our students, so that they can proceed studies and / or join the active life as responsible citizens, innovative actors in a society in constant change. The school is involved in several projects from different areas: sports, citizenship, Cultural and scientific areas. We are a reference school in eTwinning projects (eTwinning school label). Teaching activities for students with disability and learning difficulties, and with disadvantaged background are also a priority. However, the school still has some problems: drop outs, bad school results, lack of motivation of teachers and students, lack of linguistic competences, lack of civic conscience . So, our aim is to find and share good practices among our partners, in order to increase the quality of our teaching methods and to improve quality. The project is integrated in the Schools’ European Development Plan which intends to develop a more innovative and attractive practices. The project will be linked to a KA101 Erasmus Projects: Q.I. – Qualificar para Inovar (https://qiqualificarparain.wixsite.com/qiqualificar), designed to improve quality, mainly through innovative and more attractive methodologies, based on ICT; that we want to share and devellop. The Key persons will be several teachers. We already have an Erasmus Projects team, from the school permanent board, and we are used to collaborative work practices, so, if someone leaves the project, the other members of the team are able to run it (it has already happened with previous projects). Language teachers; sciences teachers; ICT teachers; arts and history teachers will join the team. With the project we want to promote: social inclusion, Open education and innovative practices, participants’ acquisition and development of basic skills and key competences; development of innovative teaching and assessment methods; the development of the European dimension of the school. The participants are: students (age 15-18) from several areas: humanities, sciences, economics. Special attention will be given to students with disabilities and specific learning disorders or special educational needs, as well as minorities ( refugees and migrants); teachers with experience in colaborative work and innovative approaches, as they have integrated national projects concerning school sucessful results.

First Mobility – Portugal – February 16 – 22 2020

Second Mobility ( Virtual ) – Slovakia – March 28 – 31 2022

Third Mobility – Italy – April 23 – 29 2022

Fourth Mobility – Spain – May 14 – 21 2022