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The Secondary Vocational School of St Cyril and Methodius was established as an ecumenical school, open to pupils of different religious confessions. The founder of our school is Michalovsko-kosicka Orthodox Eparchy. The educational process is based on spiritual roots and values. Christian love, understanding, mutual respect, justness and willingness to help each other are the main thoughts guiding the pupils.
The school is opened to pupils from the age of 15 to 21. Pupils can choose from a wide range of study branches and develop their skills for their future job: beauticians, cooks, hairdressers, gastronomy, art-craft, art graphics, and information technology and systems. It has about 180 students studying there. The scope of work includes trade and services. The school is orientated to develop the manual, economic and communicative skills of students. Students can obtain professional skills and knowledge in the study branches. They are under the controlled of professional teachers and trainers who follow up-to-date information in the field of beauty, hairdressing, cooking, information technologies and computer graphic. Our students win the highest prices in the competitions in Slovakia, mainly hairdressers and beauticians.


Michalovce – the modern heart of Zemplin is the economic, administrative and cultural centre of lower Zemplín. The first inhabitants of the area settled on the banks of the River Laborec more than 7 thousand years ago. The strategic position of the town led to the establishment of traditional and classical crafts, trade and, later, industries such as clothing, construction, ceramics, engineering, electronics and food production.Cultural life is built around the regional and town cultural centres, the Zemplín Museum, the observatory, the library and the local branch of the Matica Slovenská organization. The new, reconstructed pedestrian area in the town centre with its singing fountain attraction has become the natural focal point of the town. Regular cultural and social events make a pleasant charge from routine: The Zemplín festival of song and dance, the carnival festivities, the Podvihorlatský marathon, the Municipal Spring Prize for show jumping and many other events large and small throughout the year appeal not only to local inhabitants. The seasonal markets in spring, summer and winter have rich accompanying programmes.

Michalovce has been known as a destination for tourism and recreational activities since the 1980s. Zemplínska šírava is the largest lake in Slovakia and its position gives it a unique climate. It is famous for having the largest annual number of sunny and tropical days. Other nearby locations such as Vinianske Lake, Hôrka, Medvedia Hora, Kaluža, Kamenec, Klokočov a Paľkov are attractive destinations for swimming, water sports, fishing, and hiking tours of the surrounding hills. The nearest resort (Biela Hora) is 3 kilometres from town. The Morské Oko lake and the nearby mountain, Sninský Kameň, are becoming more popular and attract foreign tourists from neighbouring countries.

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